Uninterruptible Power Supply Buxton

ESS provides a 240V, 800W Pure Sinewave Mains supply in the event of a power failure for a period of 12 Hours continuous

Emergency Support system

Stand alone 24 Hour 800W Continuous 240V true sinewave backup inverter with maximum 12 Hour charge time, enclosed in IP66 rated outdoor cabinet


Our ESS (Emergency Support System) is a self contained, self monitoring unit designed for outdoor or indoor use and is able to provide a 240V, 800W Pure Sinewave Mains supply in the event of a power failure for a period of 12 Hours continuous. Charging is performed by a Microprocessor controlled 3 stage charger with a maximum 12 hour charge time. The unit incorporates a Bluetooth enabled monitoring device to give live readings of Battery Status, discharge time, charge time, and much more via Iphone, Ipad, or Android apps.


Height: 1330
Width: 850
Depth: 490
Weight: 400Kg
Lifting Points: Use all 4 Eyebolts under top rainhood
Input: 240V AC 50Hz 10A (185 – 264V)
Output: Continuous 240V AC 50Hz 5A
Temperature range: -20 to +35 C.

Controls & Indication
  • Internal Keyswitch to enable / disable Inverter output. (Allows charging of batteries)
  • 4 x Front indicator lamps.
  • Green = 240V on. Amber = Charging. White = Inverter on. Red = Fault detected.
  • Internal component fault monitoring, and fuse monitoring.
Inverter output
  • Continuous 800W Pure Sinewave for 12 Hours. (1600W Peak).
  • Low Battery Alarm 22.0V
  • Low Battery Shutdown 21.8V
  • Full overload, short circuit, and thermal protection.
Battery Charger
  • Microprocessor controlled 3 stage charger, giving maximum 12 Hours Charge time.
  • Battery Temperature monitoring, charge voltage will automatically decrease with increasing battery temperature.
  • Built in Short circuit protection, reverse polarity detection, overtemperature protection, overvoltage protection.
  • 4 × 210AH Lead-Acid batteries, incorporating ‘Uncontrolled Partial State of Charge Cycling’ for environments with unstable AC power.
Multifunction meter
  • Monitors Voltage, Current, ampere-hour consumed, state of charge, time to go, power consumed in watts.
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE), Gives remote multifunction meter readings.
  • Uses VictronConnect App for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Aluminium design 2mm
  • Complies with EN 61969-3 ‘Mechanical Structures for Electronic Equipment Outdoor Enclosures’
  • Protection, Complies with IP55, IP66, and IK10
  • Sloped solar protection roof with integrated rain gutter
  • Anti – Vandalism Design, non visible screws, seamless double wall joints
  • Lock (Door) Multiple point locking system.

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